Who is Responsible for Snow Removal in NYC?

Who is Responsible for Snow Removal in NYC?

Snow removal is a dreaded job. You have likely spent a lot of time outside shoveling, but it may not be your responsibility. When it comes to clearing snow from properties, there are some specific rules. But, these rules differ depending on various factors, including your city, what type of property you live on, whether you rent or own, etc.  Read on to learn more about who is responsible for snow removal in New York City.

Who is Responsible for Snow Removal in New York City?

If you are wondering who is responsible for snow removal in New York City, the answer is: it depends. A landlord, tenant, property owner, or municipality may be responsible when it comes to snow removal. In New York, property owners have a legal responsibility to clear their properties of snow and ice. There is a window of time after a snow or rainfall event by which a property must be cleared. This window of time varies by municipality. If a property is not cleared and an injury occurs, the person responsible for the property may be liable for any injuries incurred. But, responsibility is not always clear. Each town or village has its own ordinances when it comes to snow removal. Generally, a property owner will be responsible for snow removal. But, in some cases, a landlord may pass the responsibility to their tenant in the lease. Additionally, single-family homes may have different rules than multi-family homes. It is important that you make sure you understand who is responsible for the removal of snow on your property.

What if an Injury Occurs on My Property?

If you are responsible for removing snow and ice from your property, and you fail to do so, you can face serious consequences. If someone becomes injured on your property, you may be held responsible. An injury can take a serious toll and the injured party may deserve compensation. If this occurs, you will need to speak with a skilled personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

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