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Nursing Homes Seek Protection From Litigation Through COVID-19 Laws

The coronavirus pandemic has been a harsh time to live through, but no one suffered quite as much as nursing home residents and their families. Nursing home patients had some of the earliest diagnosis of COVID-19. They also experienced the highest rates of infection and fatalities.  Due to isolation rules…
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Keeping Safe While Riding Your Bike

Riding a bicycle is a good way to move around while also getting exercise and fresh air. Unfortunately, many bicyclists are involved in accidents every year, many of which are preventable. Avoiding unnecessary injury means taking proper precautions to avoid these accidents as much as possible. Here are seven things…
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Uber/Lyft Accidents in New York | What to Know

Uber/Lyft and other rideshare apps are part of our everyday lives. As a result, it is important to know what to do in the event that a rideshare accident occurs. Read on to learn more about Uber/Lyft accidents in New York. How Do Uber/Lyft Accidents Occur? Uber/Lyft accidents can occur…
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Who is Responsible for Snow Removal in NYC?

Snow removal is a dreaded job. You have likely spent a lot of time outside shoveling, but it may not be your responsibility. When it comes to clearing snow from properties, there are some specific rules. But, these rules differ depending on various factors, including your city, what type of…
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