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What You Need to Know About Cellar Door Accidents

Every year, a shocking number of New Yorkers are severely injured due to their falling down open sidewalk, cellar doors. Most of these injuries could have been avoided if the cellar door hadn’t been carelessly left open, in the first place. Here are seven facts about cellar door injuries: (more…)
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Legionnaires’ Disease Outbreak Leads to One Death, Eleven Illnesses

Eleven people have been sickened, and one person is dead, after an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease in Napa County, California. After testing, a cooling tower at a hotel in Napa County was found to have a large amount of the Legionella bacteria, and the tower was shut down as a…
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Nursing Homes Seek Protection From Litigation Through COVID-19 Laws

The coronavirus pandemic has been a harsh time to live through, but no one suffered quite as much as nursing home residents and their families. Nursing home patients had some of the earliest diagnosis of COVID-19. They also experienced the highest rates of infection and fatalities.  Due to isolation rules…
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Keeping Safe While Riding Your Bike

Riding a bicycle is a good way to move around while also getting exercise and fresh air. Unfortunately, many bicyclists are involved in accidents every year, many of which are preventable. Avoiding unnecessary injury means taking proper precautions to avoid these accidents as much as possible. Here are seven things…
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