Deadly Legionnaires’ Disease Outbreak in Australia

Deadly Legionnaires’ Disease Outbreak in Australia

{1:15 minutes to read} Legionnaires’ Disease is truly a global public health risk. In the latest outbreak, nine cases, with one death, occurred in Sydney, Australia. Australian health authorities have concluded the victims were exposed to Legionella bacteria in Sydney’s Central Business District. Although the health department reported that it believes the outbreak is over, it is still searching for the source.

Despite the fact that there were regulations to try and prevent the spread of Legionnaires’ Disease, there was still a deadly outbreak. Existing public health measures were not enough to stop the scourge of Legionnaire’s Disease. Governments worldwide must sponsor and encourage research by epidemiologists, infectious disease experts and industrial hygienists to identify and implement the most effective measures to prevent the next fatal Legionnaires’ Outbreak.

Legionnaires’ Disease, a severe type of pneumonia, is very dangerous; one in 10 cases is fatal. Symptoms can include cough, fever, chills, shortness of breath, muscle aches, headaches, and diarrhea. Prompt treatment is critical, so if you experience symptoms, see a doctor immediately.

We will continue to monitor Legionnaire’s Disease developments in the US and worldwide and hope for a full recovery for the Australian victims of this disease. For more information about the disease, click here.

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