Can I Get Money After a Slip and Fall Accident in New York?

Can I Get Money After a Slip and Fall Accident in New York?

In New York City, millions of people can be found walking around every day. Usually, nothing is thought of this and it is not seen as a dangerous thing to do. However, if certain properties are not maintained by those whose job it is to do so, it can result in people becoming seriously injured. When this happens, it is important for injured victims to retain the services of an experienced New York personal injury attorney for help recovering compensation for the damages incurred. 

Examples of Accidents

Slip and fall accidents occur most often in locations such as sidewalks, streets, parking lots, and more. They can happen as a result of the following conditions:

  • Damaged sidewalks
  • Weather conditions (snow, ice, standing water)
  • Potholes, uneven pavement, cracked surfaces
  • Loose debris
  • Hazardous materials
  • Slippery substances

Who is Liable?

In the state of New York, property owners are legally required to take care of the grounds they own. This is done to make sure that others cannot become injured as a result of hazardous conditions on their property. This obligation is the same for private citizens, public stores, private companies, or municipal properties. 

It is important to know that property owners are also responsible for the sidewalk that is adjacent to their grounds. This requires them to clean the sidewalk after poor weather conditions such as snow and ice. In New York, property owners are allotted only a certain amount of time to do so before they can be liable for an injury that happens as a result of these weather conditions. If an injury occurs within that period of time, injured parties may not have a successful case because they were walking at their own risk.

Proving Negligence

After a personal injury accident happens, the injured party may wish to pursue legal action against the negligent party. This is done with a personal injury claim in which they are required to prove negligence. This can be done with evidence that shows the property owner knew or should have reasonably known about the dangerous conditions that caused the accident. Helpful evidence can include medical documentation of the injuries, pictures or videos of the hazard, any witnesses to the incident, and more.

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A personal injury accident can have a great impact on your life and your bank account. At Katter Law Firm, we believe that everyone should be held liable for his or her own negligence; you should not have to bear the burden of someone else’s mistakes. To learn more or to schedule a free consultation, visit us online or call us today!

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