Vision Zero Revised for Better Crosswalk Protection

Vision Zero Revised for Better Crosswalk Protection


{2.40 minutes to read] As my previous blog explained, one of New York City’s Vision Zero’s objectives has been to reduce traffic injuries to cyclists. Pedestrian safety is another major goal. Mayor DeBlasio has just signed a law to strengthen pedestrians’ right-of-way in crosswalks. This change in the law should significantly reduce pedestrian injuries and deaths on New York City roads.


The original law made it a crime if a driver struck a pedestrian in the crosswalk, but only when the pedestrian had a white “WALK” signal facing them. If the walk signal light was flashing or the crossing timer was counting down at the time of the collision, criminal charges against drivers would be dismissed. As New Yorkers know, drivers are often aggressive with pedestrians in crosswalks. They challenge them and force them to stop crossing in the middle of the intersection.  


However, pedestrians actually have had the right-of-way when the crossing light was flashing or when the countdown timer was running. Those were warnings directed to pedestrians that the traffic light was about to change.



With this change, Vision Zero subjects drivers to criminal penalties, when they strike people in a crosswalk, even when a countdown clock is running or when the crossing signal is flashing. If you or a loved one have been injured by a car in a crosswalk and have questions about your legal rights, please call us at 212-809-4293 or email us at

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