Is a Lack of Security Considered Negligence in New York?

Is a Lack of Security Considered Negligence in New York?

All property owners in the state of New York have a legal obligation to keep their grounds safe so that others cannot become harmed when they are on it. Premises liability law requires this of owners and managers of apartment buildings, office buildings, parking lots, stadiums, shopping centers, and more. If they fail to do so, people who come onto the property can be involved in an accident that results in serious injuries. 

There are a variety of ways that a property owner can do their job to ensure the grounds they own are not hazardous. One way this can be done is to have proper security measures in place. Having the right security can help to prevent accidents. Alternatively, a lack of it can cause them. In the event that an accident happens due to unsafe property, contact an experienced New York personal injury attorney for assistance with your case.

Why is Security Important?

When people come onto a property, they trust that the owner takes all precautions necessary to ensure their safety. However, this may not always be the case. If a property owner does not make sure they have the right security to protect their residents, customers, or visitors, it can cause an accident. Examples of unjustified lack of security can include but are not limited to:

  • A resident of an apartment building makes multiple complaints to a landlord about potentially dangerous people in common areas and the landlord does not take action
  • There are no security guards where they are needed
  • A property does not have security cameras to provide surveillance where it should be
  • There is no working alarm in an elevator
  • There are no security guards in a location where alcohol is served and intoxication can be a risk to public safety
  • There are no working door locks for entryways of apartment buildings, allowing easy access for robbers

When discussing security measures for a property owner to have, it is important to understand that having property in a low income neighborhood does not excuse them for not having the proper security in place. If you become injured due to a lack of security by a property owner, contact an attorney to discuss your case. 

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