Get Your Kids Safely to and from School with These Tips

Get Your Kids Safely to and from School with These Tips

It is hard to believe that September is upon us and soon enough our kids will be back in school. When it comes to our families’ daily back-to-school routine, one of the most important parts is how we get our children to and from school safely. Here are three tips that can help us do so – regardless of type of transportation.

1. Follow the Speed Limit in School Zones

Under New York state law, wherever there is any section of a road, street, or highway that is marked as a school zone (with the proper signs), no one may drive any vehicle upon that section of the road in excess of the reduced speed limit during the time that it is in effect. Flashing lights are generally used to warn that it is currently serving as a school zone. Anyone who fails to reduce his or her speed to the posted one may receive a ticket for anywhere between $45 and $1,200 dependent upon several factors such as the day of the week and time, and the speed itself.

2. Always Remain Alert and Cautious

Once school is back in full swing, traffic – especially before and after school – swells. That’s why it is even more important to slow down and pay close attention to what is going on around you. To help with some of the congestion, you may want to consider having your children carpool. Refrain from double parking at your child’s school or dropping them off across the street from the school. Be sure to follow your school’s specific pick up and drop off rules.

When driving to or from school, remember how to properly share the road with pedestrians, school buses, and bicyclists. The most important thing is to always remain cautious and to take extra care at all times.

3. Teach Your Children How to Safely Get to and From School

Although we want nothing more than to protect our children, we cannot always be with them. During the times that we are not by their side, we want to ensure that they understand how to be safe on their way to school, however, they get there and back again.

Whether they walk, ride their bike, or take the school bus, it is important that children know what to do to be safe. A good method for ensuring this is practicing with your kids. If they walk, practice walking with them, if they ride their bike, practice biking with them. Ensure that they understand all of the important rules of the road such as only crossing at crosswalks, walking facing traffic, riding with the traffic while on the bike, and crossing the bus at least 10 feet in front of it.

Ensure that your children understand the importance of refraining from any form of distraction such as texting on the phone, checking the Internet, or taking a phone call. No matter how kids get to school, they need to pay attention at all times.

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