Car Crashes on the Rise

Car Crashes on the Rise

Updated September 8, 2014

It’s shocking that already this year, 165 people have been killed in New York City as a result of car accidents.

Thousands more have survived serious car accidents, but have suffered critical injuries and fractures. Many people injured by careless drivers have not been able to work or carry on their usual activities and routines.

Five Tips to Avoid Collisions:

1. Don’t text, talk or use your smartphone while walking across a street.

2. Don’t text, talk or use your smartphone while operating a motor vehicle.

3. Be on the lookout for vehicles or pedestrians entering your lane of traffic.

4. Wear a seatbelt when riding in cars.

5. Drive within the speed limit.

Mayor de Blasio
has pledged to reduce the number of motor vehicle accidents in New York City. His Vision Zero Traffic Safety Plan imposes lower city speed limits as one way to lead to fewer injuries. Please click here to learn more about Vision Zero. Hopefully this completely preventable epidemic will be brought under control, and the people of New York will once again feel safe to walk and drive in their own neighborhoods.

Fortunately, not every car accident leads to loss of life. If you are injured in a car crash, here are Four Steps to take to help ensure you don’t face financial ruin because of unpaid medical bills or your inability to work:

1. Get immediate medical treatment and follow your healthcare provider’s directions.

2. Within 30 days of your injury, file a claim for no-fault insurance to recover for medical bills and lost wages.

3. Inform your health care providers that you have no-fault, and all medical bills should be sent to the no-fault insurance carrier.

4. Contact a law firm to learn whether you have legal rights to recover money for pain and suffering and other losses not covered by no-fault insurance.

If you or a loved one has any questions about pedestrian or car safety or about receiving compensation for injuries caused by a careless driver, contact the Katter Law Firm.

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