6 Things You Should Know Before You Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

6 Things You Should Know Before You Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer


{2:30 minutes to read} If you’ve been hurt in an accident, here are 6 important things you should know before you  hire a lawyer.

1.Do I have to pay a lawyer to see if I have a case?

Lawyers usually don’t charge a fee to talk with you about a possible case.

2. How will I pay a personal injury lawyer to represent me?  

Many experienced personal injury law firms, like mine, are hired on a contingency. That means the lawyer earns no legal fee unless and until they recover money for you. The legal fee is paid from that money.

3. How much do personal injury lawyers charge?

In New York, most personal injury lawyers’ fee is one-third (331/3%) of the recovery. The fee is different in health care malpractice cases.

4. What are the first actions the lawyer will take for me?

  • See if there is a legal basis for your claim
  • Gather important facts, identify the responsible parties and witnesses.
  • Obtain copies of all your related medical records, and
  • Contact the party that caused the injury and/or their insurance company to notify them of your claim.

5. What should I do after I hire a lawyer?

Continue with your medical treatment and rehabilitation, and inform your lawyer of any changes. Remember to speak only with your treating doctors or your lawyer about your case.

6. How will the lawyer present my claim?

Once the full extent of your injuries is known, your lawyer may demand settlement from the other party’s insurance company. The demand will include money for your medical expenses, lost wages, as well as pain and suffering. Depending on the insurance company’s response, your lawyer may recommend that you settle or start a lawsuit to pursue the maximum recovery to which you’re entitled under the law.

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Stay tuned for a future Q & A article where we will address the court process.

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