Boating Safety to Prevent Accidents During the Fourth of July Weekend

Boating Safety to Prevent Accidents During the Fourth of July Weekend

Due to the breaking summer season, the Fourth of July is usually a big boating holiday. Many people look forward to taking their boats out onto the water to celebrate with loved ones. While this can be a lovely way to spend the holiday, it is important to also keep in mind how dangerous it can be if the proper safety measures are not taken. Like any other vehicle, boats can cause severe accidents if people are negligent in operating them. Continue reading below to learn more about how to stay safe on a boat for the upcoming holiday weekend and contact a New York personal injury attorney if you were injured in a boating accident. 

Tips for Boat Safety

While it can be tempting to set sail immediately, it is important to take the proper steps to ensure a boat is ready for the water. This ensures it is prepared and safe so that accidents and injuries do not happen. Safety precautions to implement before going out on the water can include the following:

  • Make sure the anchor is attached to the boat and has enough ground tackle
  • Always be sure there are working flares and life jackets on-board
  • Keep your registration decal up-to-date
  • Never set out on the water if there are serious scrapes on the hull
  • If the boat is taking on water, do not take it out and be sure to have it repaired as soon as possible
  • Be sure there are no leaks in any through-hull connections 
  • Make sure the boat’s propeller is working properly 
  • Never leave without making sure you have the boat’s Certificate of Number, the vessel registration, an accident report form, an operating manual for the radio and engine, the contact information of the owner, and your marine towing membership card.

What do I do if I’m Injured in a Boat Accident?

When a boating accident happens, it can cause significant physical, emotional, and financial damages to a person. It is because of this that when a boating accident happens due to the negligence of another party, the injured party may be able to recover financial compensation as coverage for these damages. To receive this, they are required to file a personal injury claim with the assistance of an experienced attorney. During this time, they must gather effective evidence to prove to the court that negligence took place and caused the injuries that were sustained. Helpful evidence can include medical documentation of the injuries, picture or videos of the boat and the accident, any witness statements, and more. 

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