All That Glitters is Not Good Health Care: The “Chandelier Effect” in Nursing Homes

All That Glitters is Not Good Health Care: The “Chandelier Effect” in Nursing Homes

{3:05 minutes to read} A disturbing trend is emerging in the American nursing homes industry: In their ambitious race for Medicare dollars, nursing homes are shifting their marketing focus to attract short-term rehabilitation patients. The reason for this is that although Medicare does not pay for long-term stays, it generally will cover short-term, post-hospital rehab stays, and pays nursing homes more than Medicaid.

They are luring patients who are discharged from hospitals by offering “luxurious,” “5-star” and enticing amenities, such as:

  • spa-like baths and showers;
  • golf and other recreation facilities;
  • luxury living quarters; and
  • beautifully decorated lobbies.

These upscale features conjure images of a stay at a swanky hotel, rather than the typical nursing home. Problems arise when patients realize the quality of care isn’t “5-star,” too. A woman entered a government-rated 5-star facility in Philadelphia, which had stylish decorations, but she ended up in the emergency room due to bed sores. The nursing home had never given her a full bath or shower, never changed her diaper, and didn’t turn her in her bed.

Although they may have attractive furnishings, many nursing homes are ill-equipped to handle the short-term, acute medical needs of patients. The facilities are stuck in an older profit model. They simply don’t hire enough nurses, aides or doctors to properly care for patients.

In fact, a recent New York Times article reports that the Department of Health and Human Services found that 22% of Medicare patients who stayed in a nursing home for 35 days or less were harmed, as a result of inadequate nursing home care. The report estimated that Medicare spent an additional $2.8 billion on hospital treatment because of harm experienced in nursing facilities.

People who need short-term nursing care should be aware of the Chandelier Effect and really try to find out whether the nursing facility can address their immediate medical needs, before they are admitted.

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