What Do I Need to Know About Funeral Home Negligence During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

What Do I Need to Know About Funeral Home Negligence During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic throughout the United States, fatalities continue to increase. Notably hit harder than any other state, New York is grappling to deal with the outcome of these deaths. As the state surpasses 19,000 deaths, funeral homes are overwhelmed and struggling to do their job. This caused the National Funeral Directors Association to call on Governor Andrew Cuomo to sign an executive order, resulting in the allowance of funeral directors from other states to practice and provide assistance in New York.

While this is true and there are many funeral directors working tirelessly to do right by the loved ones of so many New Yorkers, there are also instances of negligence. If you believe negligence occurred regarding the care of your loved one within a funeral home, it is important to contact an experienced New York funeral home neglect attorney to discover your options for a case.

What is Funeral Home Neglect?

Losing a loved one is a difficult time for anyone, even under the best of circumstances. When going through such a devastating time, no one should have to worry about or be taken advantage of by funeral homes or cemeteries to make this time harder. Funeral home negligence can occur when the individuals who work there mishandle the remains of a loved one. This may be the case in the event of carelessness or mistakes that are made. Examples of negligence that can be seen in funeral homes can include the following:

  • Disseminating false information about the necessity to embalm
  • Deceiving customers about the availability of less expensive coffins
  • Selling inferior, damaged, or shoddy caskets at a high price
  • Substituting a cheaper casket than the one previously paid for
  • Failing to send an obituary notice to a news outlet as promised
  • Failing to deliver the monument within the promised time period
  • Dropping the casket or body during transportation
  • Improperly embalming or storing the body
  • Losing the cremated remains or presenting the wrong remains to a family
  • Mixing cremated remains of two or more bodies
  • Stealing personal property
  • Burying the wrong body or burying the body in the wrong plot
  • Overcharging customers who do not have the time to check prices

Other unspeakable acts that have been committed by funeral homes can include the following:

  • Burying an empty coffin
  • Stealing and selling organs from corpses
  • Abusing a corpse
  • Improperly disposing of a body
  • Digging up a casket and reselling it
  • Putting multiple bodies in one coffin

The times we are currently living in are unprecedented and the law continues to evolve everyday. It is because of this that if you believe funeral home negligence took place, it is important to contact an attorney today to see if you have a case.

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