Injured Taxi Passenger

Injured Taxi Passenger

The New York City taxi has become a kind of symbol of the city. Taxis are all over the place and are often used to transport residents and visitors throughout the five boroughs. Just like other vehicles on the city roads, however, taxis can and do get into crashes. Taxi passengers may even be injured in these crashes. If you have been injured as a passenger in a New York City taxi, one of the questions running through your mind is probable, what happens now?

What Happens When You Are a Taxi Passenger Injured in a Crash?

The priority after being injured in any type of motor vehicle accident is to seek medical attention. Early medical intervention can help the recovery process. Like all car accidents, the party or parties responsible for causing the crash will be on the hook for compensating you for your injuries and other crash-related losses. It is sometimes a good idea to file an insurance claim with the insurance carriers for all drivers involved because liability can be a complicated thing to figure out. As a passenger, you have an easier case than any drivers involved because you will not possibly face partial liability for causing the crash. So, file a third party claim against the insurance carriers of one or all of the drivers involved and they will be left to figure out liability.

If both drivers involved in the crash may be partially at fault for causing the accident, things can get very complicated as far as who will pay your claim. The insurance companies will fight paying the bigger percentage tooth and nail. Often, it is the accident injury victim who gets short-changed because of this. While the insurance companies argue about who will be paying what, the injured party can only wait and might be tempted to accept a settlement below what they deserve just to have things done.

Further complicating things is when there are multiple passenger claims involved. With limited insurance coverage available, the passengers will have to work out a way to split what is available. This can mean that each injured party will settle for less than what they deserve for their injuries. It may be possible to go after the driver personally for the rest of the money owed, but this usually does not work out.

While there are several complications involved in recovering against a liability insurance carrier, a taxi passenger will still be able to recover from the taxi’s no-fault insurance. New York taxis are required to carry no fault insurance. The no fault insurance carrier will pay for damages regardless of fault. This coverage will generally be inadequate if you have sustained serious injuries as your damages will exceed the limits of the no fault insurance coverage. The amount of available no fault coverage will vary.

Recovering Compensation for Injured Taxi Passengers

If you have been injured as a passenger in a New York City taxi, you have the right to seek monetary compensation for your injuries. Katter Law Firm is here to help you navigate the rough waters of the personal injury process. Contact us today.

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