How Did Two Injured Ohio Buckeyes Avoid the Brooklyn Courthouse?

How Did Two Injured Ohio Buckeyes Avoid the Brooklyn Courthouse?

My last blog discussed the legal rights of injured visitors to New York. This blog addresses some of the logistics involved in an actual case that my firm brought on behalf of two of those visitors.You can see how my office strives to make the legal experience as convenient as possible.

A mother and her young daughter from Ohio were visiting New York. They were riding in a cab to their hotel when another car cut in front of them. The two cars crashed. Both mother and her daughter struck their faces against the taxi’s interior plexiglass divider and suffered injuries. The police were called to the scene and the two injured Ohioans received emergency treatment at a New York Hospital.

Several weeks later, after they had returned to their Ohio home, the mother retained me to represent her and her daughter in claims against the responsible parties. Based on the cab company’s business address, I sued the owner of the other car and the cab company in Brooklyn. My clients continued their medical treatment at home in Ohio. We obtained and exchanged those Ohio records in the course of the lawsuit. The clients only had to return once to New York, at which time we arranged for them both to complete all pre-trial preparation. After that, we negotiated a favorable pre-trial settlement of both their claims.

Although the daughter’s case was settled, New York judges require a separate court hearing to make sure that the settlement is in the child’s best interest. Usually the judge wants to see the child, which would have required the mother and daughter to make another trip to New York. We were able to have the judge conduct the hearing utilizing Skype video, thus saving the clients that additional trip, and permitting their cases to be resolved without their ever having to appear in the Brooklyn courthouse.

Whether you are from the midwest or the Middle East, if you’re injured while visiting New York and wish to pursue a lawsuit, experienced firms like mine will do all we can to make the legal experience as “painless” as possible. Please contact me with any questions you may have regarding your rights.

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